Investment opportunity in US Solar: Leading Developer with 14GW pipeline



Great Opportunity: Key investment Highlights

  • Experienced US solar developer company for sale, with a 10 year track record, including staff, pipeline and know how.
  • Huge solar portfolio: 250 projects totalling 14 GW
  • 425 MW RTB with 10 year PPA
  • ITC positioning opportunity: the 30 percent federal solar investment tax credit to be extended 10 years
  • Excellent comercial track record: more than 2.4 GW of solar farms sold. More than 13 GW of large-scale solar farm projects under development
  • Greater political support from the current US administration

A leader Developer in the US Solar Market

The current company project queue exceeds 12GW of large-scale solar farm projects at various stages of development throughout 22 states (presently, 260 individual projects), and the Company presently pursues an aggressive marketing campaign across 35 states, in total. The Company expects continued growth of 2GW – 6GW/year of new projects.

The seller offers a full range of project development services throughout the development cycle, from initial feasibility studies to turnkey installations. As a solar market leader, the company has deep insight into the growth trends of the industry and is ideally positioned to help investors enter the renewable energy sector.

Acquisiton Highlights

  • Repeatable project development process: Projects are continually added at rate of 2GW–6GW per year, with forecasted 10GW–30GW over the next 5 years. Opportunity to generate high-margin project revenue with additional capacity.
  • Strong Market Positioning as Early-stage developer: The seller is well positioned to exploit its competitive advantage of driving projects to shovel-ready status and to offer an acquiror/ investor an early entry into the renewable energy sector.

  • Proven Management Team: Highly experienced executive team comprised of engineering, financial, and legal talent. Insource of all critical path aspects of solar farm development, including site acquisition, engineering, power off-take agreements (Utility and Corporate PPA), and project management.


Opportunity to enter the American solar market from a leading developer

In progress

United States
12 GW Portfolio
Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Role SP: 
Sell Side Advisor

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